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 PR basic gameplay walkthrough

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PostSubject: PR basic gameplay walkthrough   Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:23 am

Knowing the terrain is important for placement of Rally Points and Fire Bases. They should be placed away from likely avenues of approach/lines of drift. A rally points can only be used by the squad that established it. So, check the squad number associated with a spawn point to determine if you can use it. If the rally point is destroyed/overrun, the squad can not establish a rally point for two minutes. Everyone on your team can use a fire base to spawn in. It is a green triangle with a white spawn dot. A red spawn dot means the fire base has been reduced by the enemy and can not be used as a spawn point.

There is a grid overlay on the maps to use as a common reference. There is a delay when accessing the map (default “M”). Keep this in mind or you could end up pushing the map button several time to try and get it to function. To communicate a location to a team member, call off the “Letter, Number, then say ‘key pad” and another number. Example ”G8 keypad 6.” Each big square is further sectioned off into nine squares like the keypad on a telephone. Use your move marker or other marker to communicate where to move, enemy locations, or other actions/descriptions. If your heads-up marker (move, attack, etc…) is missing, press the “Alt” key and it should reappear. It is a lot easier to move around on the map if the squad leader puts down a marker because it is cumbersome to keep opening the map to determine your location, squad member locations, and desired destination/route.

One Minute Bug
After observing a “One Minute Bug” on several PR servers, there appears to be a programmed bug built into the Mod that has not yet been resolved. Just wait until after one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) is left in the planning phase (after the map load) to form squads.

Custom Squad Names
There are a lot of “other than English speakers” playing PR. Recommend you establish a custom squad with the desired language as part of the squad name. Another commonly used custom squad name is related to the squad’s function on the battlefield. Example: ”Transport” or “APC.”

Initial Guidance
Commanders should assign their squads objectives, functions, kits and vehicles. The squad leaders should assign kit and vehicle positions and inform the squad of their initial objective.

Assigning Kit
Pre-coordinate the kit selections for your squad prior to spawning in. Most squad leaders require one medic and ask for a volunteer. Depending on the size of the squad, two medics should be strongly considered. For a predominately Infantry Only (IO) map, encourage one squad member to acquire the Auto Rifleman kit. For a map with armored vehicles, have at least one AT type kit in your squad. If the enemy is inserting using helicopters, get a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) kit in your squad. If the special kit carrying squad member is gunned down and medic is not nearby to revive him, take his kit. If the kit disappears, it will not be available for anyone on your team for an extended period of time. For the squad leader to acquire the officer kit, he has to have at least two other players in his squad.

Kit Selection
For armored vehicles, you have to get up close the vehicle and change to the crew kit to man the driver and gunner positions. The driver and the gunner have to be in the same squad. To fly an aircraft, you have to get up close to the aircraft and switch to the pilot kit. Upon entering a vehicle, you can press F3 – F6 to use an armored vehicle or utility aircraft as transport. To drive the big cargo truck, you have to have the officer or engineer kit. Once you accept the commander position, you can enter the UAV trailer. Occupying a position in the vehicle or trailer and to having the correct kit or status can result in death.

Use Equipment Effectively
Safeguard the Special Kits and Equipment. If you lose them, there is a time penalty. So, you won't see it for awhile.

Be Patient
The PR Mod does not have the pace of Counter Strike, COD4, or BF2. It is much slower and more deliberate. Enjoy the hunt. The stakes are high.

Approaching Enemy Areas
Go prone, use concealment, crawl, use cover, aim, and use suppressive fire.

The individual player movement is much slower, but the sprint has been extended slightly. You won’t see much, if any bunny hopping. The vehicle movement is faster.

Scan for enemy, use and assign sectors of fire, and keep in mind 360 degree security or some variation of it.

Stay Together
Your squad leader needs two other squad members within 25 meters to establish a Rally Point. Your team needs at least 3 players with 100 meters of a Control Point to take it over. The squad leader will need squad members to use their shovels to build fire bases (Keep in mind not everyone has a shovel). It is rare to see a solo player moving around the map. You will need your squad members to survive a fire fight because you have likely made contact with 3 to 6 enemy fighters. It is easy to get wounded and your health quickly deteriorates. You will need a medic nearby because he can not drop first aid bags in PR.

Alert Others
There is a much better chance of squad member being close-by in PR. Try to alert others of observed enemy, if possible, before shooting.

Most everyone in PR uses their microphone. At a minimum, alert your squad of enemy presence by saying “contact.” Follow-up by communicating the direction (compass heading), distance (give an approximate range in meters or just say close, medium range, or far), number of enemy, their activity and a description of their location. Here is an example,

“Contact! Direction 350 degrees, medium range about 150 meters away, two enemy, one of them is a sniper, they have not seen us and they are looking to the North, they are on the roof of the closest building, at the front left corner.”

Here is a shorter version: “Contact! Direction three five zero, 150 meters away, two enemy, one’s a sniper, we’re not detected, they are oriented North, rooftop of closest building, front left corner.”

Even shorter: “Contact! Three five zero. 150 meters away.

Let others get set and gain an understanding of the enemy’s location.

It works. Get off to the side or behind your enemy. Lead element suppresses and the trail element does a bold flanking maneuver.

Confined Areas
Move in confined areas (urban or heavy vegetation) with your weapon on automatic/burst because you’ll have a better chance of doing a lot better in a chance contact with a group of enemy. Another option is moving with your pistol. It is more responsive to aim and accurate.

The first PR player to get to the aim position will likely win the engagement. You won’t hit much or anything by shooting from the hip. There is a big difference compared to BF2 where it is relatively easy to take down an opponent with the permanent cross hairs on the screen and a decent cone of fire. Suppressive fire will affect the receiving player’s ability to return well-aimed fire.

Shoot for the Head
Not sure how important this is in PR, but, in BF2, it is very important. For a normal take down, there is a delay on receiving the kill points. If the enemy you took down gets revived, you do not get credit for the kill. A head shot or knife take-down is an immediate unrecoverable kill. Another glitch, gunning down enemy in the last few minutes of the match will not be reflected in your kill column at the end of the match.

The “Auto Reload” option is not present in PR. In fact, the ammo use indicator is also absent. So, it is like the real-world conditions where you have to make a judgment call on whether or not it is time for a magazine change. Remember to change your settings to “Auto-reload” when you go back to BF2 because the setting will not automatically revert back.

The marksman, sniper, and armored gunners can zoom-in with their optics. The right mouse button for the marksman (x2) and sniper (x3). For the armored fighting vehicle (x2) and tanks (x3), the "X" button.

You can not throw them as far, but they produce more damage and have a greater effect on the environment. A lot of dust is kicked-up and lingers.

Your Knife
The look/grip use is different. The blade is pointing down rather than up. Knife kills are harder to achieve and, therefore, less frequent.

Switching Kits
You can switch kits with the enemy. It is worth the time to check to see what he was carrying. The special kits are very limited and you may come across one. The insurgent rifles suck. It is very difficult to hit a target, so grab a U.S. or Brit scoped weapon off your fresh kill.

Your Health
Your health can be difficult to maintain. Stepping off a 2 meter high bolder or jumping out of a moving vehicle will result in an injury. Your screen will go partial red, there may be blurring vision or coughing and your health will continue to deteriorate. When your wounds are sever, you become immobilized and most of your screen is red. You need to call for a medic to get revived. Talk to your squad to see if they can send a medic and call for one by pressing the left mouse button. If a medic is not nearby, you should "give up." Press the “Enter” key and there are two interactive tabs/buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the "give up" key. When you are dead, your screen goes black. Your respawn time will very based on your activity in-game, the conditions of your demise, and the number of times you have been killed. Kill a civilian, suicide, and have a 1:20 Kill : Death ratio and you will be waiting awhile versus being killed by a headshot and it is the first death mid-way through the match.

Medical tools
Most everyone carries a first aid bandage that will provide a 20% boost. Your squad leader carries 3 first aid bandages. The medic has three tools to bring you back from certain death. Resuscitation will dislodge from a wall or other object, the epipen to get you out of your immobile wounded state, and the first aid bag to improve your health. The medic has to have his first aid bag selected, be close, and press the left mouse button to activate the healing process. If you are "dead," you can not be resuscitated.

Ammo Resupply
Some of the kits in PR carry one extra ammo bag, the vehicles carry supply cases, and cargo trucks and utility helicopters carry supply crates. This is particularly important for Anti-Tank (AT) and Anti-Aircraft kits to get a resupply of missiles.

Vehicle Functionality
You can not jump into a vehicle and immediately occupy a functioning gun system. Going solo and hot swapping between driver and gunner has been made more cumbersome and increases a player’s vulnerability. The weapon turret is locked up for the armored vehicles and the gun jeeps even take time for the ammo to start feeding through the gun. Recommend placing your gun centered on the front of the armored vehicle before exiting because the turret will re-lock in the last position. On a gun jeep there is a limit on ammo before having to reload (Default "R" key to reload).

All vehicles are entered by pressing the "E" key, but there are specific and different entry points for vehicles depending on the type of vehicle. Enemy vehicle can not stolen/used. The cargo truck is entered at the front doors or the back and armored personnel carriers are entered differently depending on the type. Some are through the side and others are through the back of the vehicle. Look for the outline of a door. Tanks are accessed by climbing up the front of the vehicle to the top of the turret through the hatch.

Supply crates can be delivered cargo truck (x2) and utility helicopter (x1). The offloading of the crates is done by the truck driver by pressing the right mouse button.

Destroying Armored Vehicles
There is a limited number of special kits. Getting an AT or Rifle AT kit on your squad is very important. Get an Engineer on your squad and have him use the AT mines.

Destroying Enemy Spawn Points
Stab a Rally Point twice and the radio in the enemy fire base three times.

Target Identification
Aiming at a soldier to determine his alliance will result in a delayed green or blue tag over their head, if it is friendly. The enemy red tag will not appear in most circumstances. Uniform recognition and map checks to look for green and blue dots becomes critical to avoid a fratricide (accidental friendly kill). On some of the maps, it can be very challenging to do quick vetting of soldiers due to similar uniforms and thicker vegetation.

For additional First Person Shooter (FPS) tips which include tips for PR and BF2, go to:
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PR basic gameplay walkthrough
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